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Hunting Leases Available Through FireCreek Outfitters
There are no leases currently available through FireCreek Outfitters. 

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Monroe County  |  453 Acres

~~ This Property has been leased ~~

This remote 453 acre property located in Monroe County Ohio is nestled in the heart of the Wayne National Forest.  Large tracts of remote ground and relatively low hunting pressure allow the deer herd age structure to be somewhat older on average compared to the other parts of Ohio.

This property has been through several rotational timber harvests, creating a nice mixture of habitat diversity.  Several year-round streams and creeks flow through the property.  The topography is characterized by long finger ridges off the property which link together.  Monroe County is among the top turkey counties in Ohio.  In the future, this property may have primitive on-site lodging in the form of a fixer-upper tenant house.  Camping on the property is also allowable.  Up to 10 hunters can lease this old historic farm for $9966.


Guernsey County  |  177 Acres

 ~~ This Property has been leased ~~

This 177 acre Guernsey county property has several nice stands of timber.  This past weekend, the deer sign was evident as the acorns rained down on my head on a breezy day.  This property has good water, including a small pond and woodland pool, located in a remote location.  In between the mature timber stands, are brushland, sapling, and pole sized habitats with diverse natural browse such as sumac, honeysuckle, elderberry and persimmon.  As a result, deer trails moving between these habitats are very well worn.   An old abandoned power line strip across the upper end of the property could easily be converted to a food plot or low maintenance clover field.  It has a second old field habitat, half of which could also be converted to a nice food plot.  Guernsey county is very well known for its quality deer and turkey populations and is consistently rated in the top 10 counties in OH.  Up to 5 hunters can lease this property for $5310.